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Life Aboard the Emerald Princess

The Best Thing About Cruising is the Days At Sea

Some of the stuff we filled our days with - besides sleeping that is.

Safety Muster Drill

Our Balcony & Champagne!!

Scoping Out the Ship

Drunk Enough to Karoke!

Joel is GOOD Enough to Karoke!

Assorted Pic's From the Photo Shop

Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Vigo, Spain

Sabatini's Restaurant

LeHarve, France

Crown Grill Restaurant

Dressing Up is the Thing to Do!

Just Doesn't Clean Up Well...

DaVinci Restaurant

Great New Friends!!

LarryK, AkitaDog & SlyOldLady!

AkitaDog & Cruzn Always Talking and Can't Shut-Up