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Ft Lauderdale

Getting There is Half the Fun....


We just survived a night of Hell! Word of advice, Never have the cruiseline book your air for you. The over night red eyed flights are for young people.

We got to the Portland Airport without a hitch, and paid $260.00 for our luggage to be checked on Delta Airlines. They charge for anything you check, plus add ons for overweight luggage, which we had two.

After we had a nice dinner at the airport we boarded our plane and landed in Salt Lake City around Midnight. Then, we had a two and some-odd hour layover to Atlanta. Once in Atlanta we once again waited over an hour for our flight to Ft Lauderdale.

We arrived at Ft Lauderdale sometime around 10:00 am with about 2 hours sleep from the night before. We slowly retrieved our luggage and wondered out to where the Princess Representatives were. They greeted us with big smiles and then informed us that the first bus for the ship wouldn't arrive until around noon. So we sat and waited again.

We fortunately were given a priority pass, and was first to board the bus. We then rode the bus for about a half an hour to the Port to where the ship was. We got very excited to see the ship and it kept us awake for the embarkation, which took about one half an hour.

By about 1:00 pm Yay, we were finally on board.

Before we checked out our rooms, we rushed by the Purser's Desk and signed up for the limited seating for the Chef's Table, and the Ultimate Ship's Tour. Then we ran up to the 10th Deck to find our room. It was on the Caribe Deck.

Pictures from our Suite

Our suite was C750. We have a "Full Suite" as Princess refers to it, and it even has a name. It's the St. Kitts Suite. La De Da! The Balcony faces the back of the ship and here was the view while we were in Port.

Nice view of the beach as we were leaving